Ponte Pietra - Verona



 San Giorgio - Verona



Grand Canal - Venezia



     Studio Sinjin  specialises in original pen and ink drawings of inspirational Italian architecture

  and spectacular panoramic city views. Sinjin, a fine artist resident in the Veneto, utilises inchiostro

  di china to produce exclusive detailed renditions of stunning Romanaseque, Baroque and Gothic

  architecture.  As part of artistic reconnaissance of la bella paese; Milano, Firenze, Verona & Venezia

  serve as magnificent cities, rich in period architecture, providing endless stunning settings for both

  photography and drawing alike.


  The classical style of pen and ink has been exploited for centuries, as far back as the early Greeks

  and Egyptians.  However, effective use of this medium has declined since the high renaissance

  period and eighteenth century neoclassical times, making such originals rare and highly collectable.

  Sinjin pens free-hand on site and in the studio without any graphical assistance, in keeping with

  authentic methods. Artistic perspective is gained from the mood of the scenery, time of year, weather

  and personal involvement with the location.


  Studio Sinjin would like to share with you the vision of immortalising intimate subject matter for

   your collection.


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Bassano del Grappa



il Duomo - Verona


Torricelle - Verona